dashDB on IBM Bluemix Promo Code - 6 Month Trial

dashDB on IBM Bluemix Promo Code - 6 Month Trial


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IBM dashDB offers fully-managed, SQL database services for transactional and data warehousing workloads. Get started today by loading data from your desktop, cloud services, or other SQL compatible databases such as DB2, Oracle, and PureData System for Analytics (Netezza). Choose from a wide range of plans to get the capacity and performance that fits your needs. dashDB offers plans targeted for analytics workloads through features such as in-memory data processing with columnar tables. Or, choose from plans that deliver a transactional solution with enterprise-level performance and capabilities. The dashDB for analytics service can be provisioned on Bluemix and for AWS.

Database solutions to fit your needs
Do you need a data warehouse? dashDB for analytics provides a data warehouse service with dynamic, in-memory columnar technology, and in-database analytics integrated from Netezza. Are you looking for a transactional database? The dashDB for transactions service provides a database that can handle enterprise-level online transaction processing with ease.
dashDB is built to connect easily to all of your services and applications. You can start working with your data right away with familiar tools. dashDB is compatible with standard SQL, DB2, Netezza, Oracle, JDBC, and ODBC.
NOTE: Each user can only request one Bluemix promotion code. If you already have a cloud access promotion code in your shopping cart, you will not be able to add another. With Bluemix you have a single platform in the cloud that will enable you to develop your own solutions using a wide range of IBM services and APIs, including big data, analytics, Internet of Things (IoT), Watson, mobile, security and more.


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